“There is no greater joy than discovering your place in God's big picture - this exciting new course will really help you do just that!”

Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Brisbane

The Big Picture is an inspiring and very enjoyable journey through the Bible for both those new to Scripture study as well as those with a deeper knowledge of the Bible.

“As a Catholic I thought I knew my faith but during this course the truth went from my head to my heart!”

Guest, St Albans


Each of you will need your own Big Picture Book/Journal which includes a TV quality DVD. There are generous group discounts available for more than 10 copies.

The Course covers 12 engaging sessions taking you through Salvation History, starting at the very beginning with God the Creator right through to the End Times with the Second Coming of Christ.

Your journal gives you 6 daily Bible reflections and questions for you to prayerfully ponder before then meeting with your sharing partner or group


Each session includes an informative overview of the topic followed by a 15 minute DVD presentation from amazing speakers filmed around the biblical world. These are also available as free downloads to anyone who has bought the course book.

Full details are in the Big Picture book.

“This course helped me find my way around the Bible and like a jigsaw, it all fell into place.”

Guest, Birmingham


The best way to experience the course is to share it either with a friend or ideally in a small group (either in a home or as part of a parish gathering). These sharing times can be life-changing.

“I learnt so much from my sharing group, they became the high point of my week!”

Guest, Luton

The Big picture has been produced by CaFE + Bible Society