The Big Picture Course is a high quality response to the challenge from Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium;

“The study of the Bible must be a door opened to everyone”

Pope Francis

The Big Picture is an inspiring and very enjoyable journey through the Bible for both those new to Scripture study as well as those with a deeper knowledge of the Bible.

“It was amazing to see so many people's faith come alive through this simple Bible course.”

Leader, St Albans


The Course covers 12 engaging sessions taking you through Salvation History, starting at the very beginning with God the Creator right through to the End Times with the Second Coming of Christ.

The course is very flexible and can be run by individuals, sharing partners, small home-groups and in cafe-style parish hall settings.

A typical parish cafe-style evening would have small table groups (with the same people in the same groups each week) and could begin with an opening prayer, followed by 30 or 40 minutes of sharing what people had written in the daily prayer journal that week.

After a mid point coffee break the next 15-20 minute DVD would be shown (each participant will have their own DVD in case they miss the session or wish to re-watch it during the week).

There would be a final prayer of blessing for the following week's prayerful study.

It can be run in two sessions or even fortnightly if preferred.


Each participant will ideally buy their own Big Picture journal which includes a TV quality DVD. There are generous group discounts available for more than 10 copies and sale-or-return options too.

Each session includes an informative overview of the topic followed by a 15 minute DVD presentation from amazing speakers filmed around the biblical world.

The Big Picture journal gives 6 daily Bible reflections and questions for people to prayerfully ponder before meeting with a sharing partner or group.

There are attractive A5 invitational flyers available as free downloads (see the resources section). We recommend that you get these professionally printed at your local printer and either print or attach printed labels on the reverse with your course details.

Those new to Bible study may find it helpful to watch the short and very informative DVD clip from Charles Whitehead called ‘Know your way around the Bible’. This can be found on the DVD or download.


A key element of The Big Picture Course is the sharing time. Although the course can be run alone, the benefits of sharing the fruit of the daily prayerful reflections can be invaluable.

It is recommended that people share at the end of each session. This can be done with a friend over coffee (or Skype), in a small home group or around cafe-style table groups in the church or school hall.

The Big Picture book is designed to make these sharing times easy to run and engaging.

“I got so much out of the sharing groups, they became the best part of my week.”

Guest, St Albans

SESSION 1 a typical timetable

The Big Picture is a practical way of helping people to respond to the Year of Mercy;

“In the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis tells us, 'The Father never ceased to show, in various ways throughout history, his divine nature.' The Big Picture Course is an ideal opportunity to reflect on and to respond to the mysteries of the Father's mercy.”

Fr David Oakley, Rector Oscott College, Birmingham

The Big picture has been produced by CaFE + Bible Society